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About us:-
We are a small friendly club that get together once or twice a month at the Longmoor Military Ranges in Hampshire. We currently have about 60 members of all ages & experiences. We welcome new shooters when accompanied by a club member. If you are a complete beginner we recommend taking the 'New Shooters' course at Bisley, they will teach you range disciplines and how to handle firearms safely, once completed we would welcome you to join as a probationary member to further your experience and disciplines. If you are already a FAC holder and wish to join our club or just want to see if we are for you, then send an email to the above address and someone will contact you soon after.
Please Note:- Entrance to ranges.
ETR (Range 3) - Access is via the car park along the A325 between the roundabout and the houses.
Range 2 - Access is via the gate along the A325 next to Range 2.
The gates will have the club combination lock fitted from 09.00 till 12.30. Please lock behind you, thanks
Please review this page regularly - dates may change due to military commitments

Meeting Dates 2015 (Provisional)

Training FacilityDateStart TimeEnd Time
  Range 2Sun 25 Jan 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 25 Jan 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 22 Feb 201509:3012:30
  Range 1Sun 08 Mar 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 08 Mar 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 05 Apr 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 05 Apr 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 26 Apr 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 10 May 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 10 May 201509:3012:30
  ETR (Range 3)Sun 24 May 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 28 Jun 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 21 Jun 201509:3012:30
  ETR (Range 3)Sun 12 Jul 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 26 Jul 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 26 Jul 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 09 Aug 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 23 Aug 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 23 Aug 201509:3012:30
  ETR (Range 3)Sun 06 Sep 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 27 Sep 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 27 Sep 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 04 Oct 201509:3012:30
  Pistol RangeSun 04 Oct 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 25 Oct 201509:3012:30
  Pistol RangeSun 25 Oct 201509:3012:30
  ETR (Range 3)Sun 08 Nov 201509:3012:30
  Range 2Sun 29 Nov 201509:3012:30
  Pistol Range 2Sun 29 Nov 201509:3012:30
  ETR (Range 3)Sun 06 Dec 201509:3012:30



Home Office Approval Ref: CFP12 1/7/4/1/2/1/2/3/106
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